Permanent Solutions

When you need a superstar candidate to become part of your organisation, think Taska Recruitment.

Hiring is one of the most impactful functions of your organisation. The right person can be transformational for your team - but tracking down these superstar resources is becoming more difficult by the day, as candidates have more opportunities locally and internationally.

Taska has trusted capability in the headhunting of permanent resources. We have a track record of finding excellent people both locally and globally. Our experience and networks developed over 20+ years also mean that we can track down rare and niche skill sets, especially when they are unavailable in the New Zealand market.

We will work with you to understand the unique requirements of the resource you are looking for and will begin a process of searching for the perfect fit.

Often, our network will allow us to uncover great matches in passive candidates who may not have been reached with your own search.

In addition, you can rest assured that we complete thorough due diligence on potential candidates before presenting them to you. When the perfect candidate is found and joins your team, we will follow up post-placement to confirm that your new team member is doing well in the new role.

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When you need more than just people - Task it to Taska.
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We’ve been in the recruitment business for XX years, and have the local knowledge and global experience to find the right match for your business. Get in touch so that we can track down a curated list of candidates for you, or to learn more about our solution offerings.
Nathan Masters, General Manager.