Evidence Based Search

When you're looking for a specific and difficult to recruit resource, Taska can headhunt a professional that meets your exact criteria.

When you need a high-end resource to join your team, task it to Taska.

Over 21 years of experience in the talent and resourcing arena enables us with the experience and network to search for and headhunt the exact person your organisation needs.

Often, these senior and high-end resources can be difficult to find, let alone lure into joining your team.

We use our experience and research backed search methodology to find a perfect fit for your organisation, and will work with you to craft an enticing offer for the candidate. We have the capability to track down excellent candidates both locally and internationally.

We partner with your organisation and align incentives to ensure transparency, control, and a commitment to delivering a winning outcome for all parties.

Our experience in search includes these key appointments: CIO, CTO, Heads of Digital, Senior Programme Managers, Development Managers, Heads of Engineering, Heads of Architecture, and more senior resources.

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When you need more than just people - Task it to Taska.
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We’ve been in the recruitment business for XX years, and have the local knowledge and global experience to find the right match for your business. Get in touch so that we can track down a curated list of candidates for you, or to learn more about our solution offerings.
Nathan Masters, General Manager.