Do You Give a S#!t?

January 12, 2021

Do you give a shit about the people you coach or manage?

The context behind this article is that my daughter Charlotte frustrates me from time to time, as she is a super talented little runner and swimmer but doesn’t necessarily love the training needed to fulfil her talent.

BUT this summer she decided to compete and do some proper sprint training and coaching. I was super keen for her to join Wellington’s biggest athletics club, but she wasn’t keen. She wanted to join a small club and I couldn’t understand why.

Why didn’t she want to train or join the biggest athletics club? Because this coach from the small athletics club gives a shit about Charlotte and had been trying to convince her she has real potential. Surprise, surprise, she noticed this and believes that this coach genuinely cares.

I went down one Friday night to watch and hid behind a fence and all of the other kids had finished but he was still there with Charlotte working on her starts out of the blocks. Why? He cares, he wants to see her improve, he gives a shit.

We don’t pay this coach, all of his work is voluntary, but it highlighted and reminded me that doing those small things for your people are wanted, admired, and loved by those people.

That time you helped someone through a difficult moment, that time that you stayed behind to help them shape an RFP, that time you simply listened and did what you say you were going to do.

Do you give a shit about the people you coach or manage?

Written by

Nathan Masters