Many of us have seen or been part of sporting events where the ‘momentum swings’ suddenly, and if you are on the opposing side there is nothing you do can stop it. Compare this to being on the other side where everything you do, everything you try turns to gold and gets you the chocolates!!

But can we say the same for a ‘great run of wins’ or an ‘unfortunate series of losses’ in our work. I’ve been musing and reading bits and pieces on this and here are my thoughts…

  • With people largely being ‘our product’ it’s difficult to control the product at times but by not cutting corners, by asking the right questions we can minimise missing or not seeing an event that is going to derail the win!
  • Focus on customers that ‘like what you do’ and have a history of buying your product / service.
  • While delivering to our current customer base, I’m aware that I need to take off my blinkers and look around as the next customer might be nearby and if my blinkers are on too tight, I may miss getting that next wave of momentum.
  • Building momentum across numerous aspects might be difficult so maybe focus on one or two. For example, NPS scoring or margin growth or new customers versus trying to aim for five or six.
  • For me, I can get easily distracted so having a focused approach and putting yourself in a situation where you aren’t going to be distracted has been useful and important.

So, in short, I think ‘you can build momentum in business’ and ‘it is a thing’ - but - I think it requires constant focus and by doing consistent retrospective analysis on what works and what didn’t work is going to be critical in keeping, maintaining and building momentum.

What do you think?