Are You Really Challenging Yourself?

April 27, 2021

Written by

Nathan Masters

General Manager

When was the last time you really, really challenged yourself?

I’m a sucker for people achieving extra-ordinary things so forgive me! If you ever get the chance of watching an Ironman Triathlon, it’s worth the effort.

In saying that it’s not a great spectator sport as it’s hard to spot people in the swim and when they whiz by on their bike you see them for about two seconds but it is on the run where you see people’s will, desire, determination, and want kick in.

I know we have difficult issues and challenges in our workplace which we largely overcome and get through but seeing people swim 3.8K, bike 180K by themselves (you can’t ride in a pack or draft) and then see them start a 42.2K marathon is something to behold.

For some people it is their first venture into such an event and for others it is ‘another Ironman’, but the fact is that the challenge still exists, and the run is typically where people flourish or fold. Given the Ironman NZ 2021 version got pushed back by 3-weeks it meant that it got darker earlier, meaning that those who were going to be out for 13, 14, 15, 16 hours they were going to be largely running and walking in the dark and cold.

Fortunately, the crowds at Taupo are fantastic and provide unreal support to you but there are times where it is quiet, your body starts to shut down and you start asking yourself “why the hell am I doing this”. Like I said if you ever get the chance to watch such an event it’s extremely motivating and a humbling experience.

When was the last time you really, really challenged yourself?