• Nathan Masters

Navigating the New Normal

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Welcome to ‘The New Normal’ - or TNN as it has been referred to (IT loves a good acronym).

The old normal seems a distant blur. Our commute time has significantly reduced, our morning coffee from our fave barista has been replaced with a subpar homemade version and we are more dependent on our devices for work and social interaction than ever before.

Things have changed. We have been forced to adapt. But the IT industry expects this of us already.

So what does this New Normal look like in terms of Working From Home (WFH)?

We have all faced challenges over the past few weeks, ranging from VPN capacity issues and overloaded mobile networks, to how to onboard new staff. Even a poor internet connection can affect your ability to do your role successfully… (oh the joys of apartment living!).

Daily stand-ups, phone calls and meetings continue. Some of us miss the people interaction that comes with working in an office - and with it the ability to have a quick chat. Some of us love not having to interact (an instant message or an email is a lot easier to ignore than someone speaking directly to us).

And some of us feel more productive. With the lack of ‘noise’ we feel like we have somehow accumulated extra hours in the day.

WFH does not come without distractions of course - under lockdown some of us have had to adjust working hours to accommodate childcare or family commitments. The concept of work/life balance is no longer limited to the physical distance of the office vs home.

As we prove WFH can be efficient and effective, our perception of WFH will change and pose some important questions. Will commercial office spaces be a thing of the past? Will a percentage of our workforce adopt WFH permanently? What does this mean for retail or small businesses that depend on daily foot traffic?

As we continue through these uncertain times one thing is certain: we will transition from TNN and become simply ‘normal’ again.

But what will that look like?

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