What’s in Your Benefits Box?

February 9, 2021

What's in your recruitment 'benefits box'?

Flexible working hours, drinks on Friday, and a social club won’t do it anymore.

Currently it’s hard to move people out of their roles and it takes a broad approach to lure someone versus here is an extra $10K approach. I appreciate lots of organisations simply won’t be able to offer a benefits box due to the cost and the amount of administration that goes with it.

I’m seeing some organisations allowing the employees to choose “four out of the following eight” benefits versus ‘here you go, I hope you like the ones we’ve chosen for you’

Organisations that have the capacity, budget and resource to go down this path could contemplate chatting to organisations already doing this, or could survey their workforce to get a feel on whether it interests them.

What would your four be out of these eight?

  • 5 weeks leave after 2-year
  • $1500 guaranteed training budget per year – you choose the courses
  • External mentor to work with
  • Childcare Assistance – fixed contribution per month
  • KiwiSaver – we will match your percentage contribution
  • 24/7 Gym Access to City Fitness at no cost
  • Nine-day fortnight but paid 100% of your salary
  • Health Insurance

My four are in no particular order, access to an external mentor, like for like match in KiwiSaver, training budget and five weeks of leave after two years.

Written by

Nathan Masters