What Makes A Great IT Hire?

February 23, 2021

Written by

Nathan Masters

General Manager

What are the principles of finding a top-tier IT candidate for your organisation? Read on to see what our GM Nathan Masters has to say on the topic.

What makes a great IT hire? Here's what our GM, Nathan Masters had to say on the topic. Read on below, or listen in over on the LinkedIn post here.

Harry: So Nathan, what makes a great IT hire?

Nathan: Good question, Harry. For me a great hire starts right from the start, and how well the person engages with the actual organisation and the recruitment process from the start. You do not want a stop-start process as that person may get the wrong impression on how the organisation operates.

You want a consistent, smooth, fluid process, and I try and tell a customer, try and do something every week please versus the stop start stuff that happens from time to time.

Because if you get that engagement early on, you've got a better chance of securing someone.

In regards to what makes a great IT hire, whether it's IT, whether it's accounting, you want that person to be skipping through that front door in a good mood on their first day, feeling chipper, feeling positive, feeling wanted, but also, you know, then you want them to walk in feeling like they want to pay back the new employer, by doing, producing, great code, by delivering great project outcomes, by doing great business analysis type work.

On top of that you know I think everyone needs to have a mentality that there will need to be some give and take in the process.

Adding to that you want someone who will be able to add value early on. But you don't want someone who's going to get bored in the first two weeks.

So there needs to be that fine balance between the person being able to add value, but also the person being able to be challenged, and to learn.

And then you want to provide them with continual learning and they should also bring an attitude of wanting to continue to learn as well, as that's going to keep themselves up to date and provide the new employer with great outcomes, but also it also means that in the future they are going to be very very marketable.


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