Testing as a Service

Taska offers a range of managed services including Testing as a Service.

There are two distinct models for delivery of this service and they are each outlined below.



Supportive :

Our supportive model is exactly that. We support your internal testing team and aid them in performing their activities by inserting additional test professionals as required for a deadline delivery or to add a specialist skillset where needed. This solution works well in an organisation where projects are managed successfully with minimal control and where additional governance is deemed unnecessary.

This method can also be suitable for specialized testing efforts that don’t require a lot of in-depth knowledge of the design or the system. Services that are well-suited for the supportive TaaS model include automated regression testing, performance testing, security testing, testing of major ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, and monitoring/testing of cloud-based applications.

In summary, the Supportive TaaS provides on-demand testing expertise, customised reporting and the ability to add expertise on demand and with regard to other aspects of the project lifecycle. We are happy to work with internal teams as required.




Under the Directive model, Taska steps in to lead and be accountable for the testing function within the business as a whole. Taska places at minimum a highly experienced Test Manager at your disposal who continuously assesses the testing requirement of the business and can add Test Lead, Senior Testers and automation or manual capability as appropriate.


Our Test Team work particularly well as part of either our managed PMO service or your own internal PMO and as a team are fully accountable for your project delivery.

This fully managed outcome-based service is an excellent way to modularise your project to see the benefits of outsourced testing whilst still maintaining a one-team approach.


Why Outsource your Testing to Taska:

Whether you need our Supportive or our Directive service, you will receive a defined scope of works outlining the project and the deliverables within it. This gives a common understanding of the project from the point that we are involved and allows us to then report on those project deliverables, measure the quality of outcomes and also the improvement of the testing function. You also receive;


Process Improvement: We provide Test Professionals to your business. If you have a test function internally, or even a part-time resource managing your test, we improve the processes around testing simply by providing that expertise in your environment.


Quality Increase: Following process improvement, the natural progression is an increase in quality,  this can be qualified by reporting and our post-project review procedure.

Operational Efficiency: As the improved processes become understood, are fully implemented and enter maturity, they deliver an increase in efficiencies which aid the ability to meet delivery timelines.


Cost Savings: The improvement in process, quality and efficiency all combine to enable significant cost savings across the lifetime of a typical project and can again be seen within our ongoing reporting and also as part of our post-project review.


Cost Avoidance: Projects that consistently deliver poor or incomplete releases can have a massive impact on the final delivery of a project and the costs associated with that. These issues are largely due to pressures on internal staff to deliver more than they are capable. Outsourcing your Test Team avoids many of these issues. Perhaps the best strategic advantage is that now your internal staff are free to focus on your core competencies.


Service Level Agreement (SLA): Taska provides an SLA to enforce our commitment to service. We will work with you on defining SLAs that are appropriate for your business needs. The SLA will have strict guidelines for managing scope, quality, budget, schedules and other risks.