• Nathan Masters

Cyber…’s not going anywhere!

The demand and need for Cyber Security Consultants and Cyber knowledge isn’t going anywhere. We’ve seen local organisations, individuals, through to large global corporates gets attacked either by well-drilled teams of hackers or the lone wolf hacker.

In late July 2020 I saw a company dear to my heart, Garmin get hit by Cyber Attack -

We’ve seen the likes of CERT and the National Cyber Security Centre rise up and become more visible in the New Zealand Market adding to a sharper lens being put on Cyber Security.

CERT’s focus is to work with businesses and individuals who are impacted by cyber incidents. The National Cyber Security Centre sits inside GCSB so they largely work with government departments to detect and disrupt cyber threats.

Here in Wellington we’ve seen a number of new Cyber Security Consultancies pop up as the demand within public sector but also within some of the financial services firms continue to increase.

We’ve seen a burgeoning contract Cyber Security marketplace arise over the last few years and continue to expand in 2019. We have seen Security and Cyber Security Contractors earn anywhere between $120 - $250 per hour.

Due to businesses not wanting to be in the press or be headlines on Stuff or the NZ Herald website we’ve seen CEO’s and Boards invest in upskilling, as they become more aware and look to strengthen their organisations security procedures and policies.

I was lucky enough to attend a Cyber Talk led by the CISO of a large Australia Corporate. A key message he talked about was the education piece of employees to spot and see potential threats whether it is a Phishing email or recognising the importance of secure passwords.

What blew me away was the investment size this corporate had made when it came to IT Security / Cyber Security…. they had over 300 people protecting their business and data!

Interesting to see that on SEEK, Australia has a need for over 1000 Cyber professionals where in New Zealand has a need for 102 Cyber professionals.

Is New Zealand doing enough? It looks like we are taking it seriously but if we look inside our own organisations is our data secure?

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