PMO as a Service

Taska offers a range of managed service offerings including our Project Management

Office (PMO) as a Service. There are three distinct models for delivery of this service and they are each outlined below.


Supportive PMO:

Our Supportive model is designed to work with your internal Project Management teams. We integrate ourselves quickly and seamlessly into the team and immerse ourselves within your projects.

We can offer:

  • On-demand project management expertise

  • Consolidate information

  • Reporting

  • Expertise on further aspects of the project lifecycle

The Supportive model works well in an organisation where projects are already managed successfully with minimal control or where additional governance is deemed unnecessary. The PMO is primarily a support service that collects, compiles, and reports on information.

Outsourcing the coordinator role in your organization is both low cost and quick to implement. The value of this decision is often more difficult to quantify than in some other models.


Governance PMO:

Our Governance model can work either as part of a supportive or directive model. It assumes the PMO responsibility for:

  • Defining and controlling the use of methodologies

  • Ensuring standards are adhered to

  • Ensuring the use of standardised templates

  •  Implements policies related to project delivery

We find this is where many companies get “stuck” when trying to implement an effective PMO with internal staff. It makes sense to leverage the proven methods and best practices that Taska can bring.

This model prevails in organizations where there is a desire to rein in  the activities,

processes, procedures, documentation, and more - a Governance PMO can accomplish that. Not only does the organisation provide support, but it also requires that the support be used. Requirements might include adoption of specific methodologies, templates, forms, conformance to governance, and application of other PMO controlled sets of rules.


Directive PMO:

Under the Directive model, Taska is accountable for the project management function in its entirety within the company and responsible for providing programme and project management resources to run projects.

This model, coupled with the Governance model, typically provides the best value for your investment.

By going beyond control and actually taking over; the projects by providing the project management experience and resources to manage the project. As organizations undertake projects, professional project managers from Taska are assigned to the projects. This injects a great deal of professionalism into the projects, and, since each of the project managers originates and reports back to the Directive PMO, it guarantees a high level of consistency of practice across all projects.


Why Outsource your PMO to Taska:

PMO outsourcing improves operational efficiency and reduces costs: Taska is entirely focused on the task at hand and understands what it takes to effectively implement and run a PMO. 


Cost avoidance associated with failed projects: Projects that implement the wrong solutions, those that take longer than planned, or others that are over budget. When these duties are left to internal staff who are typically pulled in several directions, the output is less successful. Perhaps the best strategic advantage is that now you are free to focus on your business core competencies whilst the PMO function can be delivered by specialists.


Service Level Agreement (SLA): Taska provide an SLA to enforce our commitment to service. We will work with you on defining Service Level Agreements that are appropriate for your business needs. The SLA will have strict guidelines for managing scope, quality, budget, schedules and other risks.


What does Taska PMO bring to me?

  • We ensure the right projects are started

  • We provide proven, successful, project services via experienced senior project management professionals.

  • We support the delivery of a portfolio of work

  • We raise Project, Programme and Portfolio maturity

  • We develop tools and automation capability



What services are provided by Taska PMO as a Service?

  • Project initiation

  • Risk workshops

  • Reporting support

  • Centre of Excellence

  • Project quality checking

  • Project health checks

  • Project closure

  • Advice and guidance

  • PM and BA coaching and mentoring

  • Knowledge management